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for the future: REFERENCES

The REFERENCES section of will eventually include a range of carefully edited lists, covering everything from the names and dates of early-modern women involved with science & technology to a short list of suggested titles on a given topic for those wishing to “read more about it.”

Presently under consideration:

  • a series of timelines plotting the biographies of each of the site’s 6 players

  • chronological lists of published works by Margaret Cavendish, Athanasius Kircher, and Robert Hooke

  • a timeline of Robert Hooke’s research & inventions relating to optics

  • a timeline of Robert Hooke’s research & inventions relating to marine science

  • “Read More About It” lists on such subjects as
    • the Early-modern book trade
    • Early-modern prints & printsellers
    • Feminist science criticism
    • Ecofeminism
    • Feminist economics
    • the “Science wars”
    • Modernity

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