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Q U I C K   L I N K S

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First Published:  May 2004
Revised (substantive):  1 June 2021


S O R R Y,  but this Web page (“Searching this Site”) for the old was discontinued with the launch of the new in 2012.

We still believe that a well-integrated, customized website search tool, with up-to-date indexes and site-specific intelligence, provides the best means of navigating the dynamic webs of information at the heart of a content-rich site such as

But the FDSE (Fluid Dynamics Search Engine) shareware we used originally for our local search tool is no longer supported, so we decided to switch the new over to KSearch Open Source software, which has a more active developer community.

A KSearch data-entry box is conveniently located at the top right of most new Web pages, including this one (or in the footer, for those page designs without a right-hand sidebar).

Tail-piece from William Cuningham's _The Cosmographical Glasse_ (1559).

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