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for the future: IN BRIEF topics

Planned IN BRIEF topic essays cover a range of subjects relating to the new science: early-modern optics and optical technologies, mapping, magic & witchcraft, attempts at masculinizing science, the 17th-century woman question, sex and sexuality, race and identity in colonial Virginia, early satires of science, popular science genres, the science of rhetoric & the rhetoric of science, the scientist as social individual, and women’s domestic scientific practice.
  • Almanacs
  • Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle’s Entretiens sur la Pluralité des Mondes
  • Beryl
  • the Bononian Stone
  • Bulwer’s Art of Manual Rhetoric
  • Burning-Glass
  • Cochineal
  • the Collective Intellectual
  • Color Controversies
  • Coterie Publication
  • Critical Pluralism
  • Cultural Biology
  • “devillish Witchcraft”
  • Dialling
  • Diffraction, Reflection & Refraction
  • Early-Modern Cosmetology
  • Early-Modern Women of Science
  • “the Female Slavery”
  • The Five Sexes
  • the Gay She-Philosopher
  • He-Philosophy, or, a science re-gendered
  • “Indian pictures made of feathers”
  • Magic Lantern
  • Motism
  • “Natural Witchcraft” (aka “Natural Magick”)
  • Ovidian metamorphosis
  • “Philosophies of the Kitchen”
  • the Psychology of Mapping
  • Red, White, and Black: Origins and Issues of Slavery in Colonial Virginia
  • The Renaissance Mystery of Janus (and other model hermaphrodites)
  • Scotoscope
  • Sine law of refraction
  • Sociable science
  • Speed of light controversies
  • Universal language schemes
  • the Virginia Company
  • Wave theory of light
  • Wits and Railleurs”: Early Satirists & Critics of Science

for the future: IN BRIEF biographies

Planned IN BRIEF biographical essays include:

  • Argall, Samuel
  • Diepenbeeck (aka Diepenbeke, Diepenbeck, Diepenbek), Abraham van
  • Drebbel, Cornelis
  • Dunton, John
  • Ferrar, Virginia
  • Hariot (aka Harriot, Herriot), Thomas
  • Waller, Richard
  • Wood, Robert

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