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First Published:  July 2004
Revised (substantive):  1 June 2021


S O R R Y,  but this Web page, the “Change Record” for the original, which mapped updates made to pages throughout the website, was discontinued in 2009. I no longer think this kind of bird’s-eye view of website maintenance is useful enough to justify the time and cost expended in its upkeep.

With the launch of the new in 2012, I implemented a new system for tracking website changes.

The new now includes 3 dates on most Web pages (2 dates at top left, and 1 date in the footer at the bottom) to allow more accurate tracking of website updates.

Original pages display only 2 dates at the top right of a page, expressing the original date of a page’s publication as a copyright statement (e.g., “© April 2004”), and tracking any and all revisions to a page, whether substantive or not, in the following line (e.g., “revised 26 June 2008”).

The new includes 2 dates at the top left of a page, recording the original date of that page’s publication (“First Published:”) and the last time any substantive revision was made to its content (“Revised (substantive):”). An additional date is given in the footer at the bottom of every page (e.g., “This Web page was last modified on: 15 July 2012.”). This date allows me to distinguish and track changes to a page which do not alter its main content, such as updated links, improvements to the code, alterations to metadata, minor changes in design and/or appearance (which are not globally applied with CSS), and correction of typos and other errata.

Tail-piece from William Cuningham's _The Cosmographical Glasse_ (1559).

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