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First Published:  3 May 2018
Revised (substantive):  2 July 2021

W I T H   C O M P L E T E   T E X T   O F   A L L

H O V E R   N O T E S

F O R   C A L L I N G   P A G E

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“the Lord Marshall had leave to goe beyond sea” — Thomas Howard, 2nd earl of Arundel, Surrey, and Norfolk, died at Padua, 1646.
  Lord Arundel, known today as the controversial collector of the Arundel marbles, was an early patron of mathematical practitioners and others associated with the new science. His world-class library, mostly assembled during his embassy to Vienna in 1636 (with Wenceslaus Hollar and William Harvey in attendance), was later given to the Royal Society by his grandson, Henry Howard, at the instigation of John Evelyn (Pepys called the Arundel Library “a noble gift they value at 1000l.”).
  The formal presentation of Arundel Library (approximately 4,000 books and 500 volumes of MSS.) took place on 2 January 1667, but the library was not physically transferred to Gresham College until 1678, and not catalogued until 1681 (the indefatigable but over-worked Robert Hooke being first tasked with this onerous chore in May 1668). ::