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“To the lawmakers responsible for California Assembly Bill 1404,
the Good Neighbor Fence Act of 2013

[ An HTML transcript of e-mail submitted
29 May 2020 via “Contact” form
< >
at State Senator Atkins’s website
< > follows. ]

Subject:  Bill Idea
From:  Deborah Taylor-Pearce <>
Date:  05/29/2020 3:08 AM
To:  Office of California State Senator Toni Atkins, 39th District

I have sent my 9th letter, dated 5/24/2020, to Senator Atkins’ capitol office (Sacramento), and posted a digital copy of it here:

For background, I refer you to the overview Web page at:

especially the section complaining about Senator Atkins’ legislative priorities for 2019:

Given that 2020 is an election year, and the state of CA is facing a “drastic financial shortfall” because of the coronavirus pandemic, I am mystified by the legislature’s refusal to begin a revisal of Cal. Civ. Code § 841. This is an easy win for you, since fixing the law benefits CA at no cost to taxayers: once I regain control of my private property, I, and those whom I hire, will again pump a lot more money into the local economy, along with paying taxes into state and local government coffers.

Again, let me state clearly for the record: this needed economic activity has not ceased because of SARS-CoV-2, but because of the CA state legislature’s botched repeal-and-replace in 2013 of Cal. Civ. Code § 841.

Does the Democratically-controlled CA state legislature really want its legacy during the Trump years to be yet more fake representation, coupled with a failed resistance to a cartoon president who picks up support every time he trolls the state’s governing elite?

Trump Republicans love to accuse liberals of hypocrisy. And from where I sit, they just might be right about this.

In an historic turn of events for me, both of my fake Democratic representatives have lost my vote in 2020, as explained here:

Still awaiting the Senator’s reply,
Deborah Taylor-Pearce