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**  A second window aside called by the page, entitled
“To the lawmakers responsible for California Assembly Bill 1404,
the Good Neighbor Fence Act of 2013

[ An HTML transcript of e-mail sent on 14 August 2018 follows, with sender’s contact data removed to discourage spam. ]

Subject:  RE: AB 1404 and neighbor encroachment
From:  Luis Pallera <...>
Date:  8/14/2018 4:36 PM
To:  Deborah Taylor-Pearce <>

Good Afternoon Deborah,

I appreciate you sending this information to our office. If there is a Code Enforcement issue that our office can assist with, I am happy to report it to the proper department. Please let us know how we can help.


Luis Pallera
Council Representative
City of San Diego - Sixth District

"Proudly serving the Neighborhoods of District 6"

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