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**  A second window aside called by the page, entitled
“To the lawmakers responsible for California Assembly Bill 1404,
the Good Neighbor Fence Act of 2013

[ An HTML transcript of e-mail submitted
on 10 August 2018 via “Contact” form
< >
at State Senator Atkins’s website
< > follows. ]

Subject:  General Comments
From:  Deborah Taylor-Pearce <>
Date:  8/10/2018 2:55 PM
To:  Office of California State Senator Toni Atkins, 39th District

I have been waiting since Feb. 2017 to hear whether Senator Atkins will commit to fixing California’s flawed Good Neighbor Fence Act of 2013 — yes? or no?

I have already documented here:

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This URL directs you to content that has been updated. To go directly to the section with the new material, please follow this new link instead.]

that Senator Atkins is now ignoring communications from her constituents sent certified mail, as well as those sent via e-mail and via this contact form at her official website.

As a long-time voter, I will not stand for this, as I have explained here:

I am not going away (however much you may all wish it! ;-) and I will continue to document Senator Atkins’ fake representation of me, for as long as it continues.

So, how about you answer my question?

Thank you,
Deborah Taylor-Pearce