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“To the lawmakers responsible for California Assembly Bill 1404,
the Good Neighbor Fence Act of 2013

[ An HTML transcript of rejected e-mail
submitted on 1 April 2016 via e-mail link
< >
at Assembly Speaker’s website
< > follows. ]

Subject:  n/a
From:  Deborah Taylor-Pearce <>
Date:  4/1/2016 12:34 PM
To:  Office of California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

Hello, Speaker Rendon —

On 7/30/2015 I posted my first Open Letter to the lawmakers responsible for California Assembly Bill 1404 (the Good Neighbor Fence Act of 2013) at


and asked my representative, Brian Maienschein (77th District), to pass on this URL to the appropriate legislators.

After there was no response to the queries raised here, I posted a second Open Letter, dated 2/10/2016, to the above URL, and again asked my Assemblymember to pass this on to lawmakers.

As of today, 8 months have passed since I first contacted California legislators, and I have yet to receive any answers to my queries about state law, as raised in both of my Open Letters and in my most recent communication (dated 2/26/2016) with Assemblymember Maienschein’s office. To repeat:

1. If Cal. Civ. Code § 841(a) does not apply to subdivision boundary fencing, to what does it apply?

2. What part of AB-1404 covers subdivision boundary fencing that was located by the developer 21 inches back from the subdivision boundary line?

3. Why are issues relating to enclosure, and unlawful enclosure, not addressed by AB-1404?

4. What protections from predatory neighbors do I, and others like me, have under the new law?

After 8 months of this unproductive back-and-forth with Assemblymember Maienschein’s office (all fully documented at the above URL), I am hoping that your office will be more responsive to my concerns.

Thanks in advance for your time & consideration,
Deborah Taylor-Pearce